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Would you like to be a) an explorer b) a writer ? What would you have to do to become one? If you wanted to be a writer, where would you look for insp

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Treść: The choice could be better, but I think - to be a writer - is more interesting and exciting. Someone might be suprised: " In what way to be a writer is more exciting than being an explorer ?" Well, I'll prove it. Work of explorer is boring and not satisfying because to find something really interesting and valuable (in the scale of world) is almost impossible. There is no place on the Earth that the man hasn't already been to. In spite of this TV creates stupid notion of explorer's-hero life. On the contrary a writer - a good writer - is able to create his own world and lead the readers into world of his soul. The writer can create the places that one won't see in true life. It's limited only by imagination of the writer's mind.
If you want to be a writer you don't need any certificates or anything like taht. If you have a feeling that you would like to write you can just do it. However, good writer should have the knowledge of history and world culture. Also you should have read many books and novels. It isn't necessary at all, but it makes your style of writing nice - it is the first condition to become a famous writer.
To sum up, I might say that if I were a writer, I would look for inspiration in history, culture and other books. Also the actual events bring many problems and themes which could be described by a writer....

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