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Why should we learn foreign languages?

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Treść: Why should we learn foreign languages?
Why should we learn foreign languages? I think that it's a very simple question, and the answer is also easy, because foreign languages are useful in many situations in our life. We are Poles and our native language is in use only in Poland. When you are abroad you can't speak Polish - so every
Pole should be at least bilingual. Knowledge of foreign language gives a chance to find a good and well-paid job as a manager, a consultant in a international firm. Of course if you know language very well you can work as a translator.
The second argument is that can watch TV without limitations, and read books in the original version. You can use Internet - there are many important and necessary information of course mostly not in Polish. So if you know English, German, French etc. - you can deepen your knowledge, and meet many interesting people. Foreign languages are also necessary in common life's situations, for example: many instructions of use of very different things) are written in English or German so you must know one of them if you don't know what you should do with your new thing (TV, video, computer or something like this) which was bought by you.
Summing up I must say that knowledge of foreign languages is one of the most important things in our life. I know that learning language is very difficult and sometimes it requires very hard work, but it will surely help you in your future.
Autor: Bocian.

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