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What book can you recommend to read and why?

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Treść: Books have been very important for me since the day I was able to read. Among the books I have read one book has a particular meaning for me. This is "Dances with wolves" by Michael Blake. There are lots of arguments why I would like to recommend this book to read.
Firstly, one of the most important things is that this book shows me how America looks in 19th century. So "Dances with wolves" might be said that it is a historical novel. This is true and that is a strong argument that people should read this book. Secondly, there is also a romance between Lieutenant Dunbar and an Indian woman, which make the book much more interesting. They are falling in love with each other and it make their lives a little complicated but I would not like to say the end of the story.
In conclusion I would like to say that "Dances with wolves" is the most important book in my life and I read it again from time to time. I am sure if you read this novel by Michael Blake you will certainly say I am right....

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