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What are the advantages and disadvantages of on-line shopping?

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Treść: For many years people used to go shopping to normal shops, sometimes situated far from their homes and offering products which not necessarily satisfied them. As computer technology and the Internet developed people got new opportunities to purchase goods. On-line shopping is constantly becoming more and more popular. Nevertheless we have to consider if on-line shopping is as good and safe as traditional shopping.
First of all, products sold on website are undoubtedly cheaper than those at “real” shops. You can get goods straight from factory outlets what makes you sure that you don’t pay too much. The total price is usually very attractive eve if you have to add costs of delivery.
Moreover, there is a big variety of products in the internet shops. You can check every brand you are interested in and be sure that you’ll find exactly what you need.
Next and I think the biggest advantage of on-line shopping is that you don’t have to leave your home to make a purchase. You can sit in your room with a cup of tea, relaxing after day of work and buy products after calm consideration with family instead of rushing to overcrowded shops.
On the other hand, shopping on-line can be quite risky if you’re not careful. If you don’t buy on official websites you may be cheated and not sent a purchased product. Moreover, someone can get information of your credit card and use it to pay his own outgoings.
A risk of buying not exactly what you wanted to, or inconvenience caused by waiting for delivery is also included.
All in all, on-line shopping is very convenient way for buying any goods. If customer buys a product at recommended websites, he should be absolutely satisfied by a price, quality and delivery of product.

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