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UFO are watching us

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Treść: A galaxy is a collection of millions of stars. The Earth, the Sun, and the planets are all part of the Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers believe that there are 100.000 million stars in the Milky Way. Some of people believe that UFO (undefined flying objects) there are to. But I don’t believe. If you look up into the sky on the clear night, you will see millions of stars. If you look more closely, you will see how some stars make patterns and pictures. There are only stars but not UFO. Some of people think that UFO are watching our civilization.
My sister has written interesting book lately. The main hero of this fantastic story “a little man from UFO” says about human life on the Earth today. Human life appears to him as a great number of illogicalities, actions that are ineffective, hopes which are foolish, noises that are only annoying, discoveries and inventions which are quite unnecessary, dreams that never come true, tragedies that lack sense and comedies which are not amusing. A little man from UFO proposes to go with him to the moon or to Venus. People would avoid a lot of unpleasantness connected with modern civilization.
Much information about UFO is received by us through the television. We can see a lot of fantastic films for example: Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files. A few years ago I read different stories about cosmos, planets, and UFO written by Stanisław Lem.
At present scientific researches about UFO are being conducted by different experts to bright to light the following facts concerning the nature of UFO....

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