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Short story of Jack The Ripper

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Treść: I would like to tell you something about the case of Jack The Ripper – one of the most interesting and dangerous serial killers of all times.
He lived in London at the end of XIX Century and the police first saw the effect of his “work” in 1888 when he sent a kidney of a murdered prostitute to them and wrote: “ that’s one kidney. I’ve cooked and eaten another one”. Since that time there was no doubt about the fact, that he was one of the most dangerous and unpredictable killers. He was still at large and had just killed his third victim. The police were helpless and they only waited for Jack The Ripper to attack another time. Although they tried to locate more guards near the scene of the crime, he remained free and got away with his murders. Police and London doctors set the time of all crimes between 2.30 and 4 am. They also said, the killer was left-handed and knew the anatomy very well. It seemed to them, he had some experience in removing human organs.
In that time crimes of Jack The Ripper become more provocative and disgusting. He was killing two women during one night, walking on the streets not trying to remain uncaught.
The same night when when he murdered the two women, one of the policemen, who patrolled the streets of London caught a white man speaking to a prostitute from Whitechapel. When he tried to arrest him, the man posed as a doctor and was released very quickly. For about 100 years people of London believed that Prince Clarence, grandchild of Queen Victoria committed the crimes. But no newspaper published the news because the prince was the oldest son of the English thrones successor. Everybody knew he suffered from a mental illness. After the last murder of Jack The Ripper he was sent to hospital, where he died 1892. The same year the police dismissed the case and one of the suspected men jumped into The Thames. The identity of the killer was never discovered. He committed about 14 crimes.

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