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Następna praca: Life is much better today than in the past .

Treść: Sects are defined as groups which break off from a denomination and establish a new religion . Most of them have certain characteristics in common . Often the founder is a charismatic person who claims some special revelation or maintains that he is a superior being having some unique relationship with God . The member of sects consider themselves as the elite and regard other people as corrupt , perverse and demoralized . Therefore , they want to separate from the larger society . They also believe that the world is heading towards a catastrophe and that they are the only ones who know how to save it .
Sects are viewed as a one of the greatest dangers of the contemporary world . They usually recruit sensitive youths who are in a state of depression or in some critical situation and lavish their care upon them . The technique they use is called “ love bombing “ . The next stage is “ brain – washing “ by manipulating , indoctrinating , incapacitating and exerting a strong psychological pressure on the prospective members . In the process of time , many young people break with their families and old friends , and join a sect . Separated from the outer world , they live under the constant control of sect and quickly lose their own personality . They become robots who are unable to take any decisions about their life or actions . They are deprived of basic right and have to do everything they are told by their guru . Their everyday life is filled with work , meditation and pseudoreligious practices . They are usually forbidden to watch television , read books , attend school or even consult a doctor .
Although most members of the sect really believe that living in a community is the only way to self – realization , happiness and salvation , some of them cannot bear the harsh regime and decide to commit suicide . Those who manage to return to “ normal “ society are usually spiritually and emotionally crippled ....

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