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Report from Woodstock

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Treść: From: Jan Matiszczuky
To: Marcin Kowalsky
Date: 9th June 2003.
Topic: My impressions from the Przystanek Woodstock concert.
The original Woodstock took place in August 1969, near the Catskill Mountains in the state of New York. It was the biggest rock festival of its kind, and one of the most successful. Some even called it a social phenomenon. People came from all over the United States.
A neat guy called Jurek Owsiak wanted to create the same kind of phenomenon in Poland. The first Przystanek Woodstock took place in 1995 and since then it was organized in Żary.
The aim of this report is to tell everybody what a great event it is and point out some of its advantages and disadvantages.
There are several good things about Przystanek Woodstock:
•The mood, atmosphere and the whole idea makes you want to go there no matter if you are a fan of rock or not.
•You can meet new, interesting people and discuss with them about your favorite kind of music.
•You can listen to music you really like and enjoy.
•It is a great way of spending your free time and it’s also a way of relaxing
•You have a close contact with your idol and other famous bands
•It is also a chance for new bands to rise on the polish scene.
On the other hand I find those things very disappointing:
•The music is not suitable for everybody
•People do a lot of mess and leave a big amount of litter.
•It is dangerous because you can get hurt in a fight
•People bring to such massive events stimulants like alcohol and drugs.
•The organization of it was very bad because the lights and sound equipment was not set up on time.
•There aren’t enough places to sit and safety barriers.
To make this mass event even more popular, safe and in the same time to get rid of these problems the management of Przytstanek Woodstock should invest more money in the safety. Furthermore they should hire more security guards, cleaners and technical staff.
In conclusion Przystanek Woodstock is a place where you can have a great time, it’s a new experience. It is really worth to go there.

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