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My future job

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Treść: I have always wanted to travel. I have often dreamed of taking a trip round the world. I was going to visit Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. I have sometimes done the pools but I have never had much luck.
I’m not a millionaire and I cannot be a research scientist. I think that it is very interesting job. My parents advise me to give up the dreams about travelling and take up another working. It is high time I followed their advice. I am quiet and sensible and I have a strong sense of responsibility. My mind works very smoothly. I like learning foreign languages, using computer and trading.
I think I could be a chemist.
Many years ago a chemist shop was a very strange place with strange medicines in brightly-coloured blue, green and purple bottles. Today a chemist sells many things as well as medicines for example: soap, face-powders, razors, shaving-cream, tooth-brush, make-up, all kinds of tea and so on. A chemist would always be very careful in his work. He must never give the wrong medicine or make a mistake by giving too much or too little. Doctors often write very badly and their writing is not easy to read. Chemists can usually read even the worst writing, but their work would be easier if the doctors wrote more clearly.
The chemists use computers in their work, too. I think that the chemist it is a good job in the present days world.

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