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Money Can't Buy You Love

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Treść: I completely agree with this statement. We cannot buy LOVE because it is feeling and it is priceless. Some people argue that money can impact on our feelings but I do not agree with it.

In my opinion it is obvious that ”love” is the most marvellous affection in whole world. We need long time to fall in love and that is why it is really deeply feeling. We cannot just pay and fall in love with somebody. It is much longer process and it is connecting with many different feelings like: deep confidence, devotion, sensitivity and just friendship. Therefore when somebody falls in love they are always happy and the world is colourful for them. Moreover their hearts beat much faster and everything is much easier for them…

Nevertheless some people fall in love with somebody just because of their money. I ponder that this kind of love is worthless, short-lived and it have not any future. That is why some well-off people are often very lonely. We often can meet old, well-off men who are engaged with young and beautiful girls, who just wait for their money. It is undoubtedly true that such a kind of love is not genuine and it often has unpleasant results such as divorces etc.

All things considered I think that money absolutely cannot buy our love. What is more it is very unwisely to relate to somebody just because of their money. We should listen to our hearts, not pockets…

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