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Treść: The beginings of our school date back to the year 1922, when into the first school in Piotrowice came into begining. In 1935 because of the decision of silesian wojewota and a motion of the municipal council Public School number 1 wos created which was the germ of The Primary School number 28. This school can be proud of education three generations.In 1999 becouse of the education reform it became Gymnasium nr 20. Since 1978 Bożena Sobota has been the school head-master. She is also the head of the teachers’ team and an experienced manager who brought our school in to the XXI century. She tries to continue implementing the reform according to students, parents and comunity’s expectations. She inspires and supports the teachers in their professional while promoting good experienced and qualificated tutorial staff. Our gymnasium has 6 II classes, 8 III classes and is expecting to have other pupils from primary schools (there are also some sections of the extenguishing Primary School nr 28) At school there are 2 modern gyms and a well-equiped body building gym. The school runs some sport classes, it is represented in football, volleyball, basketball games, in swimming and in athletics in competitions with other gymnasiums. It is beautiful spacious and well-equiped in computer laboratory with access to the Internet. Pupils learn in many specializal laboratories, pupils learn: biology, chemistry, physic, geography, art and music. We learn foreign languages like German, English, French. Our school takes advantage of the European education within the framework limits of “Commenius – Socrates” program. We carry out some extra classes after school like the European Club. Our school library is very active. It organises some competitions, exhibitions, occasional parties it also advices readers in studing and it introduces our students to self education....

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