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Living under stress (1)

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Stress has never been good. Stress appears in many common situations of our lives and there are many reasons of existence it, for example: too many problems at school, at work or at home. Also unregular style of life, bad life's conditions and many several factors. The reason of
stress can been lonelyness or ilness too. Stress at schoool and work is most popular type of tension. At work stress usually arises when headmasters can't listen their workers. Unemployed, fired out from work people often suffer from hard depressions or nervous breakdowns. People who constantly live under pressure at school or work are very shy and they usually haven't self-confidence. Irritable people very often have no endurance to overcome stress.
Therefore important is their closest family or friends. I think if you have some problems, you should always count on your family or good friends. If you are nervous and your family, friends or closest milieu do not stand for your problems you'd better meet with psychologist. Very popular nowadays is "modern stress" according to businessmen, headmasters, famous people.
Stressful situations can be very bad for organism. If you live under stress you are usually exsposed to many ilnesses, because stress can have many harmful effects on your
health. Usally body doesn't agree with stressful situation. Hard stress causes high blood pressure, heart attacks, sleeplesness, hardening arteries and other infections.
Everyone should avoid stress as often as it's possible. Otherwise you may be ill. There are some ways to beat stress. To reduce it people should always rest a lot and relax theirselves. To resolve all problems essential is to sleep on them. Other way to reduce tension is keeping stress at
bay in everyday situations. Whenever you are, you shouldn't expose yourself to unnecessary tension. For example: staying in the queue do not be angry, try to be calm.
If you stucked in traffic jam, don't forget about being patient, take your hands of the whell and breathe slowly. In common life especially important is to be organized well . People fighting with stress should organize their time efectively. Besides everybody musn't forget about taking some quiet time for theirselves. If you suffer from any ilnesses you may visit the doctor, but rememb-
er - don't use any harmfull pills if it is not necessary. If you are pupil you are almost always exposed to tension in particular situations, for example - before or during important exams. To reduce stress you should always think positively from beginning your exams and do not afraid of it. During writing don't breathe fast and try to be calm. If you fail in your exam dont' worry about it. You
can always try to pass it again. To overcome stress you could deal with watching TV, reading books or listening to music. If you have dismissed from your work you may find a new job. Sometimes important is to understand the reasons of stress. Maybe problems are situated somewhere deep in the psyche? And last, essential thing: never give up!...

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