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Letter of complaint (2)

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Treść: Mr A. J. Thomas
Cheapotours Ltd.
Dear Sir,
I have just returned from a holiday in Maroco City, staying at the Bella Vista Hotel, and I am writing to complain about a number of points.
Firstly, the problems started even before the holiday. The time of departure was changed unexpectedly just before the begining of my journey. As a result, I had to wait more than an hour in the airport.
Secondly, the representative, Alan Johnson, was not doing what he had to do. In the holiday information it was written that there would be a representative to escort me to the hotel. Unfortunately, nobody appeared in the airport in Maroco and I was compelled to take the taxi, which cost me about 20 pounds. What is more, I am convinced that the representative was trying to avoid me, because he never was at home when I wanted to talk to him.
Furthermore, I was ensured that I would have a room with sea view. The truth was that the sea was far away from the hotel and it was seen from the other side of the building. If I wanted to look at the sea I had to lean out of the window almost falling out.
Unfortunately, this is not the end of my complaint. Even the hotel was not as splendid as it was written in the brochure. Although there was a lift, I could not use it, because it was damaged almost every day. Meals, which were provided in the offer, were not tasty, sometimes it was impossible to swallow that “thing”. Before the journey I had been very keen on watersports and such sports should have been available for a small charge. Actually, it was terribly expensive.
I would appreciate an apology in letter. That would be satisfying for me, because, all in all, the holiday were not horrible. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,

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