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Job I have dreamed about...

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Treść: When I was a boy as every day I was dreaming that I became a fireman or a policeman. I was playing with other boys the game in which we were pretending police and thieves. We were runing around one after another trying to catch each other. It was a lot of fun...
Then we started to grow up and change. We have changed a lot. Also we can't forget that world and our coutry has changed, too. Everybody found out that there is so many different jobs we haven't had any idea about. Increasing of technic is so fast that it is so difficult to imagine and notice the changes. First of all, most of people has got a phone. Computer has become a kind of regular peace of everybody's house. And people started to communicate by modem. It is a very cheap kind of communication so it became very fast - very popular, especially in young people society. So I started to dream about working with computers. On the begining I wasn't sure what exactly I want to do. There is so many interesting jobs in this domain that it is very difficult to decide which one is the best. During my studing computers it became more clear. And now I know that I would like to be a network manager. This is very responsible work, because working of all company's computers will depend on me. It means some power too. Also this is a very interesting job. You just can't be bored by it, because of fast changes on computer market. I will know all the news from the changing market by reading the branch papers or magazines. Work as a network manager can give me an opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people - taking a part in computer seminaries or "surfing" on the Internet.
I will be very important person. I guess everybody wants to be usefull and needed. And I wish I would be such a person...

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