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Informal letter (list do kolegi)

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Treść: Dear Frank,
I hope you haven't forgotten about your old friend. You don't call, you don't write postcards or letters. So i decided to write again. Maybe this time you will take me more seriously and answer. Besides I want to tell you what Antek's concert was like that was organised last week. I remember you enjoy his music the same as me.
The concert was taking place in Katowice so I had to get to this city by train. As you know I hate travelling, especially by Polish transport. All kinds of journey are a horrible nightmare for me. I can't stand sitting in the same place for a few hours among people who try to maintain a conversation. I just want to travel in silence. This journey didn't differ from other. But my happiness made me less exhausted.
After I had arrived I noticed thousands of people near to the concert-hall, waiting to enter the gate. I forgot there are a lot of Antek's fans in Poland. Inside I couldn't breathe. It was so crowded. Everybody was kicking each other, who stand near them. I heard a terrible scream behind me, but I was so afraid that I couldn't turn my head. When I got back home I realised I was covered with bruises. But the worst thing was yet to happen.
After the support band had shown off theit achievements to the audience, Antek got on the scene. When he started singing everybody was starring at him with wide open eyes. You have to imagine that when I heard him I thought how could someone with such a terrible voice be a singer. His voice was terrible. He was singing out of tune.Now I realise that everything we see on TV is more ideal then in reality. From this momement I'm a fan of Mozart and other composers that use their real talent to play on instruments(not to sing).
I hope you will write something to me. I'm fed up with not receiving answers. If you won't write me some news about your present life and what has happened to you lately I will visit you in England>
Looking formward to hearing from you.
list ma ok.250 słów,tyle ile wymaga się na poziomie advanced.dostalem z niego A(naprawdę!!!!) a to był dopisek mojego lektora-An excellent,if misatntrophic, letter. The funniest thing i've read this christmas,you're excellent at complaining about things.

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