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Exams are not useful. What is your opinion?

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Treść: Exams have always been the only way of testing and estimating students. Some people still belive that exams are the most accurate form of testing. However, I disagree with the following statement.
First of all it is possible that a student has a bad day when he takes the exam. Although he has been lerning for a long time, the resut may be unsatisfactary. This is the reason why I belive exams can be unfair to some students.
Moreover, exams do not enuaurape real learnig as the student memorise lots of information and then after the exam they immediately forget it. In consequenve, this is just learning by heart.
In addition various teachers have different ways of assessing students’ abilities. These exams might vary according to the teachers who run the classes so it cannot by a real picture of what the student knows.
To sum up, the exams were, are and will be a part of our lives. What is more, I think that we do not have much infhence on this, in coutrast, sometimes exams may be motivation for lazy students.

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