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Disadvantage for a having a dog

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Treść: Having a dog is the worst think that can happen to you. A little sweet puppy can be a nightmare, not mentioning a big monster that can destroy your whole live. But the truth is that nobody made you buy this dog...
Firs of all, a small puppy is a big problem. Imagine a situation: you come back from work and you see that you beloved dog has eaten your favorite and most expensive shoes. I would like to see your face then... (:))
Secondly, when you wolk around your house, you see your dogs hair everywhere. I think that soon your favourite chore will be vacuum-cleaning...When it sees another dog or a stronger, it immediately barks and jumps on them. In winter, can be a real nuisance. It is always wet and dirty. Is turns out that your dog uses your bathroom most often.
Usually, becouse you love your child you very quickly agree to buy him or her a dog, for example as a birthday presen, and even more quickly you found out that this is you who must take a dog for a wolk. But don't wory, you are the first who welcomes a new day even before the sunrise.
Actually dog, it is one of our best friends, but he needs care. Everyday he needs to be fed and taken out.
Better think about this tree times if you really want to be the owner of the dog....

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