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Cartoons time.

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Treść: Some time ago, during jumping through the channels, I found something very interesting, which hit the nail on the head of my expectations. It was called Cartoon Network. This fantastic channel has many great fables, but if I have to choose three, here they are.
The first is called Cow and chicken. I think that this title is well known to all of you, but if there is somebody who haven’t heard about it, I recommend it in few words. There are two main characters, that are mentioned in the title. This excellent tale is exposing many life values like friendship and heroism. It is a perfect idea to watch it with your younger siblings.
The next fabulous cartoon is Dexter’s laboratory, which tells about relation between a brilliant midget and his sister. It is not only a funny story, but also very educational. We can inquiry how to make an atomic bomb or what we should mix if we want to blow the school up. Don’t worry, you won’t have nightmares.
The last, but not the worst is called Johnny Bravo and is about a very handsome guy. All girls are passing out on his sight. Muscles, paralyse eyesight and manly walk are the things that act on women. Especially good suggestion for older girls.
These cartoons are both a superb source of fun and educational tales about behaviour in daily life. Talk to each other to come round that all of us love to watch Cartoon Network, and I’m not an exception.

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