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The television is doing irreparable harm

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Treść: In 1928 John Logie Baird discovered television. TV- set was great and very powerful invention. Television has many advantages e.g. it is the most important source of information about what is happening in every corner of the world but there is more disadvantages. Television is doing irreparable harm.
First of all all - informations may be subjective. Television may lie and finally we do not know the truth. We may argue with somebody and if we do not know the truth we may lost our friend.
As far as children are concerned they are easily influenced by trashly commercials and temped by junk food or expensive toys. If children watch brutal cartoons in future they may steal and kill other people. Theirs brains are young, they do not learn and do not read books, they prefer watching cartoons. Reading books can increase our inteligence and polish. Children science imagination is very poor.
Although television is a thief of our time. If we do not have much time, we can not work and learn so we have not much money and we are poor. Television steals our money and we do not know about it.
Television is a great power. I heard about some poor African country. There were two candidates who wanted to be a president. First was very smart and intelligent but he do not won because second candidate was an owner of private TV station and he advertised himself. This country became poor and defenceless. Aggressive neighbours attacked this country, many people died.
From last public information I know that typical person spends about four hours daily in front of TV – set. It is very unhealthy for our eyes.
Television stops peoples from talking. Families do not communicate their feelings and do not exchange impressions. Children do what they want because parents do not talk with them.
Fat people usually watch television more than slim persons. Plump persons are passive and do not train because they watch many soap-operas.
I think that television is doing irreparable harm and it steals much time. We should not watch television more than one hour daily....

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