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The magic story

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He opened the door carefully and silently, looked outside the flat and saw a long tunnel. “What is it” – he thought – “Where am I?” After a short reflection he crossed the door sill. Suddenly he felt a strong jerk and his body started to rotate and turn around with amazing, terrific speed. He was shouting, he did not know, what was happening to him. Thousands of thoughts were running through his mind, but he couldn’t catch any of them for longer than a second. Everything was rotating in front of his eyes. After a moment everything stopped.
John appeared in a strange, but wonderful place. He looked around. There were a lot of strange creatures, which he knew only from some tales. “Damn it! What is it?” – thought John looking at the extraordinary beings, which looked like fays. They had little wings, hands, legs, blue caps, peaked ears and human faces. They were all beautiful and smiling. They looked as they were so happy. John thought, that maybe they had some recipe for happiness. Maybe they could learn him, how to be happy? And John started his wander along the sunny Land of Fays.
He walked for a three days and a three nights, and he reached a big fen at least. He looked around himself and noticed an owl. “Owl, what should I do now?” – he asked, and the owl answer: “To embrace your life, you have to dirty your hands sometimes.” So John rolled up his slaves and trouser legs and started to go through the fen, which proved shallow and safe. He walked for a three days and a three nights again, and he reached a huge abyss. There was an old, shaking bridge made of ropes. John felt, that he was observed, but he saw nobody. He looked at the sky and saw some birds, which were flying over him. He asked them, what should he have done, and they responded: “The bridge over the abyss is dangerous only for these, who are scared of height.” As John wasn’t scared of height, he courageously went over the bridge and safely crossed the abyss. And he walked three days and three nights again to reach a beautiful river, which some unicorns was wading in. John came to one of them and said, that he was a wanderer coming from the world of people and seeking a recipe for the happiness. The unicorn was thinking for the moment and then it said: “The river knows, where to flow. If you surrenders its course, you will reach your aims and fullness of happiness.” So John built a raft and flowed down the stream. And he flowed a three days and a three nights again, and he saw a beautiful palace at least. He anchored his raft, and go to the wonderful building. He saw a beautiful garden. There were a lot of fays playing among wine, music and laugh. He asked, why were they always so happy. They answered: “Live as if it is your last day in your life.” One of them gave John a gold amulet with a picture of Fay on it. “Good luck” – he said, and suddenly everything disappeared …
… John opened his eyes. “Wow, it was an incredible dream! What’s a pity it was only a dream!” Suddenly he realised, that he was holding something. He looked at his hand and saw the gold amulet shining in the sun …

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