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The influence of British culture of the lives of teenagers in Poland

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Treść: The polish teenagers have searched for a new authority. For a culture and traditions which would improve their standard of living and give a lot of amusement. Finally, they've found one. It's the American and British culture. Though, the first one is more popular in the circle of polish teenagers.
The first thing to discuss is the celebration events. The Valentines and Halloween are getting more and more popular. The Polish tradition is decreasing in importance. People are forgetting about our internal traditions and celebrations. The more important thing to teenagers is thinking about their newest games or television.
It's not our fault that we're vulnerably to the British and American culture things and events. The media and press shows to us the conditions of living in USA or UK. More and more English words are getting into our language. The products from those countries overwhelm our country. It's normal for us to see commercials in English language. The style of living in USA or UK isn't now different than ours. We're getting more and more similar to them.
Let's see the lives of students on a University. They're taking the part-time job and continue to learn. This type of student is now evolving in Poland. The new genre of Polish teenagers is rising - it's called the 'me-generation'. "To the edge of egoism. Don't touch me, don't bother me, etc. They've got more possibilities of living and are more concentrated on using it. Firstly, me and my career, then my family, friends and social life."
Though, there is also a good side of it. Thanks to this culture, our country is growing up in economy, we are learning a lot of things from it and have a really good time. Life is only one and why won't we spend it on fun?...

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