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The day that everything went wrong

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Treść: "The day that everything went wrong"
I set the alarm clock on 7 o'clock and went to bed.
It was a terrible day. I got up at 8 o'clock, because my alarm clock was damaged. I packed my books and ate breakfast. When I was leaving home I saw that my dog was waiting for me, and he wanted to go for a walk. I had to go out with him. At last I ran to a bus stop and then I saw that my bus was leaving. I was a very depressed. I had to wait for another bus for 20 minutes.
Then I arrived at school. I was absent during three lessons. I went to a geography lesson. The teacher asked me. I tried to answer his questions but I could not. In this way I got "ndst". Than I had a history lesson. When we had just entered in the class, the alarm-bell started ringing. We had to leave the building quickly. We had to wait in the play-ground. Someone said that in our school there was a bomb. Evidently, there was not any bomb, but we had to freeze in the yard for one hour (It was December). Than I did not have two lessons, because the Polish teacher was ill. So I waited for two hours for my Latin lesson ... After two hours it turned out that our director (she is also a Latin teacher) is very busy and she did not come to our lesson.
Because Latin is my last lesson on Friday I was very mad.
The weather was not very good. It was snowing. The snow was freezing. There was glazed frost in Koszalin. The buses did not run. I had to go to home on foot. But the pavement was very slippery and I often fell down. I had a lot of bruises. At 3 o'clock I was back at home. I made myself a cup of tea and I sat in an armchair. Then I read a newspaper.
I work in school paper. I am a technical redactor. I am responsible for the composition of pages.
I sat in my room and I turned the computer on. I had to finish the publication on that day, because I had to supply a floppy disc with finished publication to printing-office the next day. I worked for 6 hours, but I forgot to save this document. Suddenly the fuse blew. I had a shock attack. I was really mad.
I resolved to go for a long walk with my dog. Then I turned the computer on....
Grade: 5

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Czytano: 229927 , autor: sylwester811 , Ocena: 1113.16

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