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The Colour of Success

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Treść: Here`s a tip for business success wear a yellow tie. According to a British study, the country`s most successful businessmen wear conservative clothing and yellow checked ties.
The British leadership Survey looked at 200 board directors and chief executives from companies with a yearly trunover of more than 500 million pounds. In addition to wearing yellow ties, the successful businessmen were clean shaven. They also avoided ties with floral, paisley or abstract patterns, or ties decorated with pictures or animals.
"Whoever compiled the report could have job as a tie buyer" Savile Row tailor James Wishaw told The Times .
The report also notes that most successful people have business degrees, attended public school, drive sports cars and were brought up in the south-east outside London. Another key to business success is to be male. Only five of the 200 board directors interviewed were women.
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